Saturday, 27 June 2009

Where were you when the Iron Curtain was torn?

As it's the 20th anniversary of the first hole in the iron curtain, I've been thinking about what I was doing at the time.

I was working in Italy for the food giant, Parmalat. This was several years before the company famously imploded due to massive accounting irregularities. I was only doing a bit of market research, honest.
I had just graduated, and spent the summer with other stagieres from all over Europe. We were out of touch with political developments in our home countries. We must have discussed lots of issues, but I can only recall two. One was the collapse of Princess Anne's first marriage, which seemed to have solid transcontinental news appeal, and other other was the opening of the Hungarian border, and the crisis it was causing in East Germany.
The West Germans in our group were very sceptical that the events would have any lasting impact, as the entire East German leadership was hard line. The upcoming junior Ministers, who might conceivably take over, were all hard line too.
By the time I moved to London later that year virtually every east European dictatorship had collapsed, with Romania the last to go by Christmas. Princess Anne's marriage went the same way.

Pic: me with colleagues at the office in Collechio, Parma.

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neil craig said...

An achievement significantly marred by the decision of the NAO powers to engage in war crimes, genocide, the sexual enslavement of children & dissecting people, while alive, for our hospitals. Rather proves Stalin wasn't really paranoid after all.

Difficult to deny that your partyb are wholly illebera, Nazis after their enthusiastic participation in such atrocities. bet you won't be quite so keen to say where you were then.