Friday, 22 May 2009

Lynne on baby Peter sentencing today

With today’s sentencing in the baby P trial, Lynne Featherstone has said the initial serious case review has been shown to be incompetent or at worst a cover up. More here

She has also been on Channel 4 News, which you can see here.

On the news, she sad:

“There is a culture in Haringey of closing ranks, secrecy, not letting the light of day shine in. They would rather defend the indefensible than examine the problem.”

Rightly, she has continued to call for a full public inquiry, because as soon as the media spotlight is off, Haringey Labour will return to bad habits on access to information and scrutiny - and there is new secrecy on child protection in the Council, with a new body called the Quality Outcomes Board, with Liberal Democrat councillors prevented from knowing what is going on.  Crumbs of heavily filtered information is emerging on what this body does. in the form of 'key messages'.

According to the new leader of the council, this body will be a key part of the process of putting things right in child protection, yet the Lib Dems, who could well be running the council in 11 months, shouldn't be permitted to know what is going on.

Scandalous, really. You'd think that depoliticising the process, and maximising the number of councillors fully briefed on keeping children safe, from all parties, would be the top priority for Haringey's Labour councillors - but it doesn't seem to be. Party politics and self preservation comes first.

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