Friday, 20 March 2009

Ally Pally Board wants to ditch the 'debt'

Last night’s Ally Pally Board, on which I sit, was a Kafkaesque affair towards the end. But it did result in something of a leap forward, in that we voted to ask the Council to discharge us from our multi-million pound disputed ‘debt’ to Haringey.

It is important for the Palace to get rid of this notional 'debt'. It’s now up to the Council to say yes or no to our request.

You might think that as Trustees, it wouldn’t trouble us to ask someone to drop such a whopping claim against us (ask nicely, of course), but it went to a vote. The Labour trustees weren’t sure, and there were reminders that we were there to act solely in the interests of the charity.

In the final moments of the meeting, the Chair changed his declared voting intention twice, before voting in favour. But a step forward.

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